Alarm Systems in Harlingen, Aransas, McAllen, and all the Surrounding Areas

Have the crime rates in your locality gone up? Are you worried about losing your valuables? Founded back in 1990, Dynamark Security Centers has been selling various kinds of alarm system to the communities of Corpus Christi. We understand that a little step towards prevention can save us from regret later. Our products come with an unmistakable alarm tone and high-intensity strobe light and our staff does everything possible on their part to keep the safety and security of your house intact.  They explain to you the various types of products available with us and this will help you make a fully informed decision. You can limit the circulation of smoke to other rooms by programming our system to switch off your AC in the event of a fire. We have been providing custom-crafted residential and commercial fire alarm solutions for the people of McAllen, Harlingen, Kingsville, Aransas, Rockport TX, and Portland TX. 

Alarm Systems in Harlingen, Aransas, McAllen

Below we have mentioned 3 common types of alarm systems available with us. Take a look. 

  1. Smoke Alarm System 

This device is very helpful in protecting you against any smoke or fire outburst in your house. Some systems contain just a heat detector or a smoke detector and some even have in-home sprinklers installed. These consist of a series of wireless or hardwired detectors as well as strobe lights.  

  1. Burglar Alarm System 

This being the most central feature of your security system is monitored by a centrally located keypad.  Window motion detectors and door sensors are installed in the system which when tripped sends a signal to the primary control panel thus setting off a loud alarm and notifies the police. 

  1. Monitored Alarm System 

This is different from regular alarm systems as they are monitored 24/7 by professionals. If an intrusion is detected, these agents send help right away after confirming whether it was a false alarm or not. Some of these systems can even monitor the carbon monoxide levels of your house. 

So, if you want to install a security system in your house or business, you can call us on 361-852-5276. 

Residential Security Systems and Commercial Security Systems

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