It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to move into a new home. Moving can quickly become overwhelming when trying to remember all of the tasks that need to be handled. The last thing you need is another thing to worry about. That is why we created this special moving package.

We want to make sure your transition from one house to another goes smoothly so you can maintain the security of your family wherever you reside.

To better help you manage your move, we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions regarding how to (and how not to) move your security system.


What is included in our moving package?

  • 1 New Control Panel
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1 Cellular Communicator

Should I bring my security sensors?

We do not recommend relocating your security sensors to a new location for two major reasons: They may be challenging to remove, causing unnecessary damage, or they may break during transit. We recommend getting new sensors. That way you can get the exact number you need to accommodate your new home layout. Please contact us or call 800-374-2527 to discuss the best solutions for your needs.


What if I need more equipment at my new location?

In some cases, you may need additional security equipment for your new location. If you need more equipment, or you’re not sure if you have enough, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation and needs, and we will give you a personalized recommendation.


I already have lights, locks, and/or cameras, should I bring them with me?

We encourage customers to take their video and automation devices with them to their next location. We will gladly assist customers with enrollment, and setting up these devices at their new home, free of charge, if they wish to reinstall. Professional reinstallation is available upon request; labor rates will apply.

What does it cost?

Customers that have received at least 24 months of service with Dynamark are eligible for a no-cost system move package. Customers with less than 24 months of service still qualify for a heavily discounted package. Contact us or call 800-374-2527 now for more information on pricing.


What’s required?

To take advantage of this free or significantly discounted service, customers must sign a new Monitoring and Service Agreement with Dynamark.

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