Home Automation in Rockport TX and Aransas

Home automation is a growing phenomenon and for good reasons. Having more control over your home though technology and automation means a more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle as well as greater security. Dynamark Security can help you with home automation in Harlingen, Kingsville or McAllen. They can help you with a streamlined and integrated home automation system as opposed to separate devices and piecemeal gadgets and apps. A streamlined and integrated home automation system equates to comfort, control, convenience, enjoyment and security.


Home automation can involve several systems and devices in your home. These include security systems, air conditioning, garage door openers, lighting, entertainment systems and more. Communication between you and your devices or equipment is a key part of home automation. What you need is a hub that controls communication between you and your equipment and devices. This hub can be portable or wall mounted.


A central communication hub should include an intuitive and easy to use touch screen dashboard that connects you with your various home control systems. Below are some examples of things you can do with a home automation system:


  • You can have control of your thermostat without having to get out of bed.
  • You can open or close your garage door even when you not at home.
  • Use a one touch emergency call out button
  • Talk to a live monitoring agent in the event of an emergency or incident
  • Turn on your air conditioning before you get home
  • Control your music and audio remotely.
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone about events or incidents at your home
  • Know when your children enter or leave the house
  • Detect smoke, heat, fire
  • See who is at your front door without having to be close to your door
  • Use night vision to see in the dark
  • Watch video clips on demand
  • Receive alerts and notification



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