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A surveillance camera is an important component in an overall building security system

Building security pays an important role in safety of workers, occupants and visitors. It also plays an important role in protecting your business assets. A surveillance camera is an important component of a building security solution. Dynamark Security can help you with building security and surveillance cameras in Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Kingsville or McAllen.

Surveillance cameras and the functionality they provide are referred to by different terms. These include security cameras, CCTV cameras, close circuit cameras, video surveillance and even building security. A surveillance camera can provide remote access and real time monitoring of events in and around your building. This provides the added benefit of being able to respond to events in real time. Events don’t always have to be of a criminal nature. A surveillance camera could for example record a situation where someone is in distress.

Recorded video footage can also be used to analyse an event after it has taken place. This footage can also be vital evidence in any investigation, proceedings or court cases. The most important functions of a building security system is to deter, prevent, alert and notify. A surveillance camera can help with all these functions.

There mere presence of surveillance cameras helps deter unwanted acts, whether from the outside or inside. A surveillance camera can also be good for productivity and teaching. Workers will tend to work harder if they know they might be recorded. The interactions between staff and customers can be recorded and analysed. Video surveillance can also reduce or prevent false workmen’s compensation claims.

A surveillance camera is an important component in an overall building security system. It should ideally be supplemented with additional security systems such as an access control system, alarm systems and intercom systems.



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